Hidden in Plain Sight Steam

Hidden in Plain Sight is a laugh for less than $2

Hidden in Plain Sight is an indie game where you spend the first few moments of every game gently tapping the analogue stick to see which character among the many dozens you are. Doesn’t really work in video form.

I get that it is my job to try and make you want to click through our content with catchy headlines and interesting pictures, but this video was a tough one. When the whole point of the game is to remain hidden.. so there is not much to look at.

This isn’t to say Hidden in Plain Sight is a bad game, far from it. It is a fun little party game with a good selection of modes, an inoffensive theme and easy pick up and play mechanics. It is also pretty cheap on Steam right now so if  you have 3 or more pads I suggest grabbing it and giving it a go.

In game form it is a tactical stealth experience with some clever mind games thrown in, in video form it is a crowd of pixelated people bumbling around. Enjoy.

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