snes mini pre order

SNES Mini pre order stock updates

Nintendo only announced their new retro console yesterday, but SNES Mini pre order updates suggest demand is going to far outweigh supply, with prices already going through the roof.

The sneaky folks at Amazon made it quite hard to find the console in the first place – searching for “SNES Mini” yields no results – the console is instead listed as “Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System“. You can sign up for stock updates but as of right now, you aren’t able to place a SNES Mini pre order on the site.

snes mini pre order

GAME have also stopped taking pre orders online, although some stores are still accepting deposits. If you get there in time, expect to pay £50 to secure your SNES Mini pre order. The price quickly jumped up from £10 in response to the firm being overwhelmed with requests to pre order.

The Nintendo Official UK Store is limiting customers to one console per order, but again is currently out of stock.

The folks at Grainger Games are normally a good resource with limited stock products – and it would appear that they are still accepting SNES Mini pre orders. They’re charging £84.99 but if you’re just desperate to try and get your hands on the first batch, it’s not a huge sacrifice.

snes mini pre order

Of course, it wouldn’t be a pre order frenzy without eBay prices skyrocketing – there are a number of “confirmed pre order” consoles listed, although if you’re going to take a punt on one of those, expect to add £100 onto the £69.99 asking price. It’s also worth bearing in mind that Nintendo was unable to fulfil pre orders of the NES Mini and some customers found their orders were cancelled.

We’ll try and keep you informed of stock updates via Twitter. Let us know if you’ve found a secret stash of SNES Mini pre orders (once you’ve grabbed one for yourself).

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