PUBG’s popularity continues!

It’s clear PUBG’s popularity is massive. Let’s check out the latest sales and revenue figures, plus a look at what’s coming soon!

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds continues to be a smash hit with incredible numbers to boot. Right now the game has amassed over 4 million copies.

More impressive is that only two weeks ago it had just reached 3 million. Since it’s release during the tail end of March the game has made over $100 million. Not too shabby for a title outside the world of AAA gaming.

Additionally it is fun to watch as well as play. The game is firmly in the top 5 on Twitch and at its peak has had 350,000 concurrent viewers.

Coming Soon

There are plenty of new features coming for PUBG, so here’s a quick list.

  • Xbox One release.
  • Two new maps – one is an Island map featuring a Mediterranean coastline and snowy mountain, while the other is a 4x4km desert city.
  • An additional zombie mode.
  • New movement options – climbing and vaulting.
  • New weapons such as the upcoming Glock.
  • New weather and times of day such as fog and sunset.

It’s nice to see this early access title is really pushing itself. The changes both big and small add a lot plus it’s neat some of our console brethren get to join the fun.

Are you surprised by PUBG’s popularity? Which changes seem the most exciting? Feel free to comment below.

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