Beyond Good and Evil 2 Gameplay

First Beyond Good and Evil 2 Gameplay Shows Promise

You read that right, actual Beyond Good and Evil 2 gameplay is out there and we have it right here.

From being announced way back in 2008 to 2017 we have seen nothing from this game. A sequel to 2003’s critically loved (but commercially failing) game Beyond Good and Evil has had a growing audience chomping at the bit for new info.

At E3 we got to see a nice CGI trailer that was almost ruined by British accents met with a lot of positivity. An imaginative world, a few naughty words and some anthropomorphic animals have people very excited for the next instalment of this franchise.

Although the next instalment is actually a prequel and Ubisoft will push their multiplayer agenda pretty hard. A part of me thinks this being a prequel is so they don’t have to finish the BG&E story lines and just create an online game in the same world, making it a completely different game altogether, don’t listen to me though.

Anyway in the gameplay we see some flying around and some ships which look quite lovely, but known cutie Ancel is quick to say this is an early version. Check it out below.

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