regular human basketball

White Men CAN Jump (if they’re playing Regular Human Basketball)

You can find some weird stuff on if you know where to look. Luckily for us, Jack does.

Regular Human Basketball is a multiplayer hoop-em-up where players control giant robots to dunk on each other. Transformers meet’s basketball this is not, as the robots are built out of whatever was hanging around.

Jack, Oli and Marc take the game for a spin with one player in particular really getting to grips with handling their bot (I’ll give you a clue, their name begins with O).

RHB is a lot of fun and definitely worth a download even if you just have one other person to play with, the controls are simple and the concept is straight forward but its pure bants seeing how it plays out. It supports controllers from the get go as well as the bog standard Keyboard controls for some cosy gaming.

The game is cool and with all games it is a work in progress, you can find it here. Check the video out below.

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