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Gary’s Top 10 E3 2017 Games

Well E3 has come and gone so now here are my top 10 E3 games 2017!

10. The Last Night

This little gem really stuck out as something special. The stylish cyberpunk visuals scream Blade Runner and the blend of action and stealth make it feel very different. Our own Jack wrote a piece on the game here.

9. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom battle

It was one of gamings worst kept secrets but still managed to be quite a surprise. Not the fact it existed, but the gameplay. Smashing all expectations the game takes X-Com style combat to the Mushroom Kingdom. If you’d have said turn based tactical action combined with Mario to me before the trailer I’d have laughed but here we are. It also looks pretty promising too with combination attacks and a ton of charm.

8. Metroid

This E3 we got a trailer confirming there will be a fourth Metroid Prime, a 3ds Metroid sidescroller and two rad new Amiibo based on Samus plus a squishy one based on a Metroid. That’s a whole lot more Metroid than I was thinking would happen and I’m so glad Samus and Co are being shown some much needed love. Yes this pick may be more than one game but I grouped it together because it’s my list so there.

7. Wolfenstein II : The New Colussus

The previous Wolfenstein was a well received reinvention of the series and proved to be just the thing it needed. Now that over the top alternate timeline carries on with BJ looking to find influential resistance members in the US. The game looks to be a ton of Nazi killing fun as you would hope, but wow that trailer is a trip. From the opening Nazi Mecha Lassie sting to the zany acid fuelled visuals at the end it is quite a thing to behold.

6. God of War

Finally we have the latest God of War title. Choosing to have more of a rebirth than reboot this game is a bold new take on the formula as well as a continuation. Wrapped up in Viking mythology Kratos is older and beardier. His core drive so far is raising and guiding his son through the hazard filled world in which he is the outsider. I for one am genuinely intrigued to see where the story goes in this latest and very different God of War.

5. Yoshi

The childish aesthetic and adorable visuals give this game such a neat look. The diorama aspect also allows for some neat twists on the sidescroller formula. Honestly though this game just seems chock full of charm and whimsy. I can picture this being the perfect antidote for any stressful day.

4. Star Wars Battlefront 2

Janina Gavankar strode onstage during EA‘s showcase and spoke about the new Battlefront game that seems to attempt to right the wrongs of the first game. She stars as the main character in a storyline focusing on the Imperial side of things. There will be content from all three major time periods plus dlc will come steadily and for free. Promising and different story, more content and free dlc certainly addresses a lot of the issues of the first so let’s hope it all comes together in the finished article.

 3. Anthem

Teased during the EA showcase the game was fully revealed during Xbox‘s briefing. We were all dying to know what Bioware was working on and Anthem is the answer. Strap into your very dynamic mech suit and jump into action with four friends in the lush sci-fi setting. The gameplay looks solid enough now if only we could have more on the story, because that is were Bioware games can really shine.

2. A Way Out

This game comes from Josef Fares, writer and director of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, and new Swedish studio, Hazelight. Though it is very different from Brothers it could be just as groundbreaking. A co-op only story played splitscreen where you inhabit two different characters. Both are steeped in a life of crime and have to work together to get ahead. There looks to be plenty of blockbuster action scenes as well as quiet moments of scheming. This could really shake up the co-op gaming space.

 1. Mario Odyssey

Mario is top for me this E3. I’ll make no bones about it this game looks very exciting. Of course we knew this it was coming but what was the hook. It turns out that it’s the ability for Mario to turn into, well, anything. Just throw his sentient hat onto something or someone in the wide open levels and it’ll spring a hat and moustache, then you are in control. Whether it be a frog, Easter Island head, rocket or whatever else is nearby you can give it a go. Naturally this opens up a whole load of possibilities which combined with larger levels make this game very promising indeed. Also Pauline is the Mayor of New Donk City,  a neat Easter egg and a sign she’s a damsel in distress no more *sassy finger clicking*.

Honourable Mention: Beyond Good and Evil 2

I haven’t played the first but there is no way an article for E3 2017 could not mention this game. Finally Ubisoft have committed to making a sequel to the beloved cult classic. Certainly the development is very early and this is only a cgi trailer, but it’s something. Oozing with style with a great cartoonish feel it’s one to look forward to for loyal fans that still held out hope.

What were your top games of E3? Let us know in the comments below.

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