Nintendo E3

Nintendo Spotlight Trailers

The last of the three console makers had their showing today and boy did Ninty bring it! Let’s have a look at the Nintendo trailers!

That lovable sucker Kirby is back! Up to four people at a time can play when this game drops 2018.

Rather excitingly we have some Metroid news! The trailer below is nothing more than a logo stating Prime 4 is in development…

…but there is also a sidescroller coming to 3ds consoles 15th September 2017!

Competing with Kirby in the cute competition is Yoshi’s new game. The adorable title is coming 2018!

Do you like Fire Emblem? Yes. Do you like Dynasty Warriors? Yes. Well you’re in luck! Coming Autumn 2017 is the Warriors style game set in the Fire Emblem universe, expect plenty of familiar faces to show up!

Let’s now have a look at Breath of the Wild’s expansion pass. Can’t lie I’m pretty excited to see what they pull off in The Champion’s Ballad.

RPG fan favourite Xenoblade returns with Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Coming holiday 2017.

Here comes a game I’ve lost too many hours in, Rocket League. The pick up and play nature of the title seems a perfect fit for the console plus it has new goodies coming exclusively to Switch. Coming holiday 2017.

Make your own Sonic hero to help the blue blur fight Dr Eggman and a mysterious new villain. Coming holiday 2017.


Sorry I had to give you a heads up. All I will say is it’s coming 27th October 2017, now enjoy this trailer.

Don’t forget that Mario is also popping up in a Rabbids title also. I’m not going to lie I didn’t expect X-Com style combat either but it looks refreshingly different. Coming 29th August 2017.

Let us know what you thought of Nintendo’s E3 offerings below.

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