E3 News Index: Updated Daily

It is E3 week, on going right now. The most packed time of the year for news, reveals and revelations. You can find all our E3 coverage linked in one place, this post right here.

Everyone knows the main part of E3 is the massive conferences, everyone goes mad and the nerds in the live audience pit howl as video game characters get blown to bits.  Some have already happened (linked as and when) but in super convenient UK time here is the schedule:

  • EA – Saturday June 10th, 8PM – Stream
  • Microsoft – Sunday June 11th, 10PM – Stream
  • Bethesda – Monday June 12th, 5AM – Stream
  • Devolver Digital – Monday June 12th, 6AM – Stream
  • PC Gaming Show – Monday June 12th, 6PM – Stream
  • Ubisoft – Monday June 12th, 9PM – Stream
  • Playstation – Tuesday June 13th, 2AM – Stream
  • Nintendo – Tuesday June 13th, 5PM – Stream

Our Coverage

We won’t be covering absolutely everything at E3 (the Microsoft conference alone had 43 trailers) but when we do, you will find it linked here.

EA Play Rundown

Follow-up to Gone Home, Tacoma gets a release date

The Last Night Shown in stunning trailer

Xbox Trailers

You may have missed Yakuza 6 and SEGA

Nintendo Trailers

Nintendo Treehouse is continuing the reveal train

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Impressions

Assassins Creed Origins is identical on Xbox One X and PS4 Pro

So go forth and enjoy E3 in all it’s splendid glory, check back here daily for the new stuff.

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