The Last Night shown in stunning trailer

The Last Night went up against triple-A titles in Microsoft’s E3 presentation this week. It not only managed to hold it’s own, but it managed to blow most other titles out of the water.

I had the pleasure of meeting lead developer of  The Last Night Danny Wadeson many years ago at a Rezzed gaming event. Back then Last Night was little more than a video and a few screenshots.  But even back then then it looked good. And Danny was very friendly and humble about the game they were building.

Last Night started life as a small flash game made in a cybperpunkjam in just six days. But it was enough to spurn interest in publishers in developer Odd Tales. And I mean when it looked this good you can’t blame them.

Fast forward a few years and The Last Night get’s it’s big stage reveal at E3. And it looks glorious. The Blade-Runner style mixed with pixel art is music for the eyes. We’re still a way off from a release date set sometime in 2018, but well done to the guys at Odd Tales. So far in this E3  The Last Night have become one of the surprise hits of the show.