Rumour: Super Street Fighter V incoming

Despite Capcom saying multiple times that there wouldn’t be a Super Street Fighter V, it looks like there might actually be one.

Back when SF4 came out, way back in July 2008, Capcom said there wasn’t going to be any revisions. Well guess what? There was in fact 4 revisions then a re-release on PS4/Xbox One. This isn’t a new thing, fighting games have been releasing revisions of the same content for years. Everyone went up in arms about SFV releasing bi-annual revisions (I still don’t know why) but don’t care when anyone else does it.

Before I lay this rumour out in a (hopefully) easy to read format I will say that SFV is getting an arcade cabinet release in the coming months, which is what has given this whole rumour gravity. [insert arcade mode joke here].

The rumour comes from a pretty dodgy NSFW subreddit but here is the link. I’ve grabbed the most important stuff anyway.

With that one down, here are the SFV leaks! Season 2’s remaining characters are Abigail, Menat, and Zeku.

A second cinematic story mode is happening. The base roster plus the Season 1 characters were prologues for the general cinematic story mode. Season 2 character’s story modes for Akuma, Ed, and Kolin, which all take place after A Shadow Falls are prologues for the second cinematic story mode.

Ready for the biggest of bombshells? Super Street Fighter V is happening.
But it’ll be a free update.
It won’t make the base game useless either. It’s really nothing more than an update. A glorified one, but an expansion none the less.

But what does SSFV contain? Lets run that down, shall we?
It adds:
Arcade Mode
Extra Battle
Some kind of PvE mode against the Illuminati
Some expanding on the existing mechanics
New Critical Arts
But it doesn’t end there. SSFV brings with it a UI overhaul, and maybe more than that too.
You’re probably curious of the characters too, huh? Those 6 will be Sagat, Sakura, Oro, C. Viper, Q, and Necro.

The rumour is actually pretty close to what I suggested to save SFV back in January, which makes me doubt it even more. I’d love to be wrong though, that Super SFV logo appearing at E3 will get my little heart pumping for sure.

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