pokemon showdown

LLC Podcast Episode 16: Whose that Pokemon?

Slightly arranged crew and slightly arranged jokes but mostly the same news/quiz/bants. Big up.

This weeks see’s regular host Gary and his wingman Oliver with not-so-special guest Bryony and Jack returning after a long hiatus. The main news points are as follows PS4 sales, Nintendo Online/Headset, Steam Publishing and a long bit about Pokemon that goes to a weird place.

I also didn’t have time to do an intro and the time stamps finish at 47:00, I can tell you though that after that we have the Quiz and a discussion about new IPs.

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Some Time Stamps

00:00 – Intro

02:30 – Raft (link)

03:00 – Bryony’s new car

03:45 – Resident Evil 4

07:15 – Breath of the Wild

09:00 – Overwatch

12:15 – Wipeout

13:34 – Tekken 7

18:10 – PS4 Sales figures

22:45 – Nintendo Online

28:25 – Nintendo Headset

33:15 – Steam Publishing fees

35:45 – Pokemon News

44:30 – Our Pokemon

47:00 – E3 Predictions

Quiz + Favourites then an outro.

As always thanks for listening, if you have any questions feel free to tweet us @lastlifeclub or send us an email over at podcast@lastlifeclub.com

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