BUDS indie game

The boys play cute indie game BUDS

We can get cute sometimes, just a trio of cute boys being cuties. Expect smooching and giggling.

BUDS is a short co-op indie game where you have to work with a bud to collect little stars. It is super minimal as you can see and also very short, we accidentally did an entire play through. The game is made by assumed cutie Torfi and uploaded to Itch.io here in case you want to play with a bud of your own.

Oliver, Marc and Jack take these bean boys for a little run around in purgatory in the video below.

Hopefully this is just a proof of concept and there is more coming because this game was fun. I appreciate the little beans with smiles and legs running around but that’s just me. I’d buy an Angry React Bean Face DLC too, if you’re listening Torfi.

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