for honor playerbase

For Honor Playerbase drops 95% after first month

The Division: “Jeez, we lost 93% of our player base in the first month!”

For Honor: “Hold my beer.”

I don’t know if this comes to any surprise to anyone but the player bases for these big online games on console tend to die pretty quickly. Unless you are GTA or Battlefield, it is a pretty difficult market to crack. Well not entirely difficult as once you have bought the game the developer/publisher has made their money, whether or not you continue to play I don’t think they give a shit.

MMO’s with subscription models tend to do well even on the home console market as developers and publishers have an invested interest in players continuing to subscribe/pay for their game. If you only make money from the initial sale (and maybe some DLC’s) then why would they need to keep players onboard?

Well it seems Ubisoft has figured this one out and has let their last two big online experiences, For Honor and The Division drop off the radar. However their other big online only game Rainbow 6 Siege still has a thriving online community, in order to monetise this market further Ubisoft is bringing the loot crate style micro transaction to the game, clever.

If you did buy For Honor or The Division and do enjoy playing them (they aren’t terrible games after all) you will still have that 7% and 5% of the playerbase to hang out with which is still pretty good. For Honor¬†sold over a million copies on PS4 so 5% is still a lot of active players.


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