Support us on Patreon, get rewards + a free Steam game!

We started a Patreon as the site is growing at a nice steady rate but unfortunately our revenue isn’t. Help us stick it to the man and sack off these Google and Amazon ads!

Why is LLC doing this?

Patreon is a service that allows creators to be paid by their fans safely and securely. We started a Patreon to cover our current cost of running this site day-in-day-out. Thanks to our Patrons we are able to carry on the site without generating an actual financial loss every month, the more we make on top of that the more we can create great content for you all.

As it stands none of us get paid for our work on the site and we won’t for the foreseeable future, we will use the money to cover our podcast service charge and to get games for the site to review (where free codes are not available). We will also use the money to attend events to cover (like our successful coverage of EGX Rezzed earlier on this year).

So what do I need to do?

Click the image below to head to our Patreon page and become a Patron. Then you pledge an amount to donate to us on the first of every month to help with our running costs of the site. This is super helpful for us as even $1 (it is an American system) makes a difference.

What’s in it for me?

On the right hand side of our Patreon page is a list of rewards, depending on the amount you pledge you will get a different reward as well as knowing you’re an integral part of the LLC machine. We can also stop shilling Amazon links and adverts on the site too which is good for everyone.

You also get some Patreon exclusive content which will be on our Patreon page, not on the Last Life Club website.

If you sign up between now and Sunday the 11th of June 2017, you will receive a free Steam game.

I don’t like Patreon, I don’t want to pay.

This site ( does not have anything hidden behind a paywall, so for you people who don’t believe we should be paid for our hard work I have some great news! The site will remain the same whether or not you are paying. But as the donation total grows, the quality/quantity of site content will grow too. So help out ya boy.

So this is it from here on out, thanks for going on this crazy journey with us for almost a year! Onwards and upwards eh.

Sack, back and crack of the Last Life Club team. If you're reading a post by me about Capcom assume it is all biased, fraudulent lies.