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Top selling new IP’s for the last five years

With E3 fast approaching we all look forward to those brand new titles. Yeah sequels are nice but nothing compares to the thrill of an original idea. Here are the top selling new IP’s each year since 2012.


Kinect Adventures! (Xbox 360)

Yearly total – 4,473,094

Global total as of 22nd April 2017 – 21.91m

8th best selling game of 2012

We’re starting right off with an unexpected one. Though the reason it may not be so out of the blue is that it was a pack in title for the Kinect. It’s crazy to think how potent the idea of motion controlled gaming was but it surely was in 2012. With the Wii selling a gargantuan amount there was a lot of expectation for Microsoft‘s sophisticated rival. Sure it didn’t pan out to well in the long run but sold admirably in it’s own right.

The game itself was a minigame compilation that allowed two people to play, in addition to supporting online multiplayer. Though it didn’t set the world alight, getting a 61 on Metacritic,  it was a nice silly way to get to grips with your Kinect.


The Last of Us (PS3)

Yearly total – 4,374,477

Global total as of 22nd April 2017 – 5.90m

7th best selling game of 2013

I’m not sure many could have predicted Naughty Dog being at the helm of such a dark and mature title. Known for more whimsical titles like Crash Bandicoot or Jak and Daxter it is quite a departure. Uncharted gave that blockbuster feel to their titles and they combined that with an emotionally weighty survival vibe. It worked wonderfully. A genuinely touching tale of a father figure and tough young lady trying to simply get by in an increasingly savage world ravaged by a Zombie-like parasitic plant infection.

Featuring a fantastic voice cast in a striking tale there’s little surprise the game sold well plus received rave reviews, earning a 95 on Metacritic.


Destiny (PS4)

Yearly total – 4,422,631

Global total as of 22nd April 2017 – 5.67m

6th best selling game of 2014

It’s no surprise that the next game from the makers of Halo was big. With a colossal budget, the might of Activision behind it and Peter Dinklage there was no way it wouldn’t sell a massive amount.

Though there were concerns of repetitive missions along with a slow content flow there is no denying that it created an impressive universe with a loyal fanbase.

It earned a 76 on Metacritic and a sequel hopes to right the wrongs of the original as well as build on it’s success later this year


Splatoon (WiiU)

Yearly total – 3,871,492

Global total as of 22nd April 2017 – 4.66m

7th best selling game of 2015

Nintendo not only made a brand new franchise but a shooter at that. Obviously it couldn’t be just any shooter so instead we have a bold vision of squid kids battling it out with paint. A wonderfully eye-catching game with a ton of lively fun that can appeal to kids and adults alike. The story mode was a quirky affair with neat characters but the meat of the game was in the online multiplayer. Online play mixed the approachable with competitiveness to make a wonderfully addictive title. It also did well critically earning an 81 on Metacritic.

It must also be said Splatoon sold impressively well for a game solely on the Wii U. There is a sequel on the way for the Switch so I hope it reaches the larger audience it deserves.


Tom Clancy’s The Division (PS4)

Yearly total – 4,189,620

Global total as of 22nd April 2017 – 4.31m

8th best selling game of 2016

Though it rocks the Tom Clancy name this was a brand new venture with a ton of potential. That initial E3 trailer, seen above, wowed audiences and there was a lot of expectation for the title. Depending who you ask it may or may not have lived up to this but had some promising online elements. Found in the game where pvp areas called dark zones where you could earn the best loot but were at risk from other players, even those in your party who may double cross you. An intriguing idea that made the game stand out from competitors.

Ultimately the game suffered from the same content flow woes of Destiny and despite earning 80 on Metacritic the game didn’t have any real lasting longevity. It did however show that Ubisoft can make something refreshingly different in the military shooter genre.

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