The Destiny 2 Gameplay Reveal was sick as nuts…. Damnnit.

Destiny is arguably the game I have the greatest of love-hate relationships with. I have written about this game a solid six times since gracing Last Life Club with my presence and I have put in over 1000 hours since the game launched. In short: FML. Anyhow, my personal disappointments aside, the Destiny 2 gameplay reveal has finally been… revealed… and it looks like hot shit.

If you would like to watch the reveal, rather than read my words, hit this link and take a look. For those of you who just want a brief rundown: stick with me.

First things first, what’s “new” here?

The reveal showed that (in a shocker) Bungie have in fact paid some attention to what fans would like to see improved.


We were shown a new subclass for the three classes (Hunter-masterrace, Warlock, and Titan) which had me sold on this freaking game from the moment I saw them.

We are going to see the introduction of the Titan Sentinel:

Titan Sentinel

The Warlock Dawnblade:

I mean, it’s a flaming sword.

And finally, the Hunter Arcstrider:

Hunter Arcstrider

Nobody seems 100% sure as to whether these will be replacing the existing subclasses of the same elements so I guess we’re literally watching this space until we are told. However, on the bright side, all three of those classes were more useful for only either PVP or PVE – hopefully, this should fix that.

“Matchmaking”… Kinda.

Guided Games, the Bungie answer to raid/strike mathcmaking, is a newly announced feature. It is very reminiscent of when Warcraft originally announced their original LFG system in that you fill out details and search through a list in order to find enough people to play with.  This is a feature that Destiny players have pushed, and pushed, and pushed for. On PS4 I played as part of a regular fireteam of 3 but should we need any more people it was almost impossible to get a full raid team. This is a freaking miracle, thank you Bungie for finally taking notice of the loners like me.

Clans are finally a tangible thing!

So Clans have always existed in Destiny, not that all players would know because to join a clan you have to venture outside of the game and go online. In fact, in-game all having a clan really does is give you a second friend’s list. Now clans will be integrated into the core game and will be a fully realised social element of Destiny 2; it looks as though they will work similarly to guilds in other ‘MMO’ style titles.

Activities can be launched from within planets (no more going to orbit!)

Goodbye, sweet orbit.

Something that always got my Gjallarhorn in a twist was that in order to launch any activity I would have to first go from my current location (usually the Tower), swing into orbit, then select my activity, then count down, then launch, then (providing I didn’t encounter an error), land. In short, this experience was a pain in the arse and something which would often leave my fireteam grumbling if the leader chose the wrong destination… But soon it will be gone and I couldn’t be more thankful.

Competitive multiplayer is now 4v4

PvP in Destiny is flawed, no doubt about it, but this should help even out the playing field a little… I guess? At the very least it means we’re likely to see smaller maps and that is not, for this game, a bad move at all.

New weapons system incoming

Instead of the first game’s Primary, Secondary and Heavy weapon classes, Destiny 2 will channel its guns into Kinetic, Energy, and Power weapon slots. Bungie says this is to allow for people to play exactly as they wish, rather than being limited by the weapon types available for each slot. The stream also showed us weapon types previously unavailable in the game such as the grenade launcher… hot damn this looks cool.

Swapping Grimoire, for Lore….

A big, glaring issue with D1 was that pretty much all of the freaking lore was locked outside the game on the world wide web. The universe is choc-full of so many amazing tales and so much History that it was more than a little lost this way. It has been confirmed that lore will now exist inside the game; way to go guys!

It will feature exclusively on Blizzard Launcher for PC users

Blizz boiz

It’s easy to forget sometimes, that the developer giant that is Blizzard is, in fact, Blizzard Activision. So far the Blizzard Launcher has only ever supported Blizzard games exclusively. This means that Destiny 2 will be the first game to break this tradition since the service was launched wayyyyyyy back in 1996. This makes me (although still tentatively) hyped as hell for the long awaited PC debut of Bungie’s warcraft-in-space. This will make D2 leagues more social than D1, but also I feel as though it is more likely to be a well-rounded and finished version, rather than just a shitty PC port as we’ve seen a lot in the recent-past.

So what about veterans, what are we getting?

Everything the light touches…..

Limited details are so far available for what will be transferable from Destiny One for players such as myself who have played all the way since Alpha testing. There are rumors that character appearance will be transferable to this “new” game, and I would really super like it if emblems were also transferable… Though I somehow doubt it.

From the reveal, we have information that story will be key to this new installment. For players who have experienced the first game and know all of the (limited) lore characters there will be far more depth to explore, more story missions, a new raid, new weapons… Basically everything the first game could have done with having.

And…. Anything else?

Everything we have seen on screen from Destiny 2 looks promising: The gameplay looks much the same, if not smoother, the story is actually present, PvP is (to some extent) being fixed….

I’m a big believer in “if the gameplay is the same and there’s more story then this will be a fantastic game”…. But.

But console players are going to be locked at 30FPS – Ouch.
But PC doesn’t have a set release date yet
But I have been hyped, and let down, by this franchise one too many times to go into this with blind optimism.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see…

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