Mario Rabbids RPG

New Mario game concept art leaks, includes guns and Rabbids.

We briefly saw bits of this way back before the Switch was announced and we thought surely this was a joke. Apparently not!

Nintendo pledged to have more brand crossovers back towards the end of the Wii U lifespan as they believed it would help strengthen their core brand and move more hardware. We got things like Mario on the iPhone, anime studios giving Star Fox a once over and Mario in Minecraft. One thing we didn’t really get however, was Nintendo shipping out their world famous characters to another developer.

This new concept art/presentation slides shows what Ubisoft have done with Mario in Mario + Rabbids Battle Kingdom. Looking to be a tactical RPG with their weird, ugly little Rabbid characters, Mario now carries a weapon and the game features “destructible cover”. It’s hard to imagine but I have a feeling this might be like a super simplified X-Com. Also in the art we can see Rabbid versions of all the main cast and something called the “Twisted World”, so there maybe some dimension hopping as well.

All the slides and promo art are available below for you to look at, these definitely weren’t meant for the public so there is a couple of spelling errors but nothing to get up in arms about. I am trying to remain positive but the artwork does make me cringe a little.

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  • Thrillho

    Mario is such a douche.

    This might give him some personality at last.