Far Cry 5 teaser shows middle America setting

A series of Far Cry 5 teaser videos were posted today on the Playstation EU YouTube channel, showing a decidedly un-exotic setting.

Despite rampant speculation of Far Cry 5 being set in Montana with rootin’ tootin’ cowboys it looks as though this title is in fact set in the modern times. In the second teaser video you can see some sort of power station or industrial area off to the right, but that is the only clue we get.

The teaser series show’s very little and is live action, so there isn’t much to go on. One thing that did stick out to me in particular is the 3rd video, showing someone hitting some poor sap in to a church bell. If they go in the direction of hardcore Christians as the main villain we could be looking at a hell of a head turner, we will see. The video series definitely has creepy Americana vibes though, check out that easy-to-miss floating corpse in the first video, yum.

It isn’t even clear if this is the same sort of survival gameplay as the series has been since Far Cry 2, but it is a pretty safe assumption that it is. Check out the series of teasers below (UK/EU only) and let us know what you think in our lovely new comment section.




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