TenCent revenue is double that of any other game publisher BUT you’ve still never heard of them

TenCent have just announced their gaming revenues for Q1 2017; $3.9 billion. That’s more than double of any other games publisher. And gamers still don’t care.

I’ve written not once but twice about TenCent and their movings in the gaming industry, by doing so I’ve made LLC one of the very few gaming websites that have bothered to cover TenCent at all.

Recently TenCent shared their first fiscal report of 2017 and in doing so became the biggest gaming publisher out there. But surprisingly in the western world TenCent still remain practically unknown. Ask any gamer to name a publisher and they’ll probably name Activision. And sure their $1.73 billion revenue is not something to ignore either. But remeber that it’s HALF of what TenCent earned.

Let’s talk about Honor Of Kings; one of the jewels in TenCent’s gaming crown. Honor of Kings is a mobile based MOBA game. Good luck finding much information about it. Even Youtube only has a handful of videos about the game. And yet Honor Of Kings has 50 million active daily users. And it amassed that amount in only 14 months of launch. In comparison League of Legends has 27 million active daily users and it took around six years to hit that mark. Sure Honor of Kings still has a way to go before it reaches the 100 million mark set by Supercell. But wait, who owns Supercell again? Of course, TenCent do.

A few of TenCent’s games

So why is it important for gamers to know about TenCent? It’s because a player as big as TenCent can have huge impact on the shape of gaming. Gaming is business; big business and TenCent is blazing an incredibly financially lucrative path to follow. TenCent have the power, money, and players to impact the shape the games industry takes in five years time. It’s time for gamers to stop turning their nose up at the idea of ‘hardcore mobile gaming’ and start paying attention to the direction their hobby maybe going in.