ARMS Global Testpunch

Itching to get your Hands on ARMS? Want to get your Feet wet? Open Beta soon.

Last night’s Nintendo Direct promised an open beta for upcoming online face puncher ARMS. The ARMS Global Testpunch starts the 27th of May.

The ARMS Direct showed the new game (and a little Splatoon 2 snippet at the end) for a solid 20 minutes before dropping the beta on us, which is available to download right now.

These dates are in American, you limey bastard.

The new content shown was some new characters, new modes and some new hands (arms?) to use in battle. The character roster is now at 10, which some people believe too few for a fighting game. Personally I think anything less than 2 is too few but thats just me. We also got to see some new modes including a pretty cool one where you slam dunk your opponent through basketball hoops and some split screen action for up to 8 players (total).

I am still undecided about ARMS on one hand it has a great aesthetic and what looks like a pretty deep fighting system, on the other hand the fighting system looks too complex for it to be as pick up and play as something like Rocket League. It also looks quite light on content and like nothing before it. You see Splatoon and it is a shooter, it is on a Nintendo console so it catches on. ARMS looks like…. Well I don’t really know what it is.

Check out the entire Nintendo Direct below and form your own education opinion like I know you can.

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