Minecraft Parrot Update

Minecraft Parrot feeding changed due to Real Life Parrot Genocide fears

If only developers could patch real life parrots who for many, it is already too late. A Minecraft parrot update will have to suffice.

Doing the rounds on this slow news week is a story about what parrots are allergic to. In the ridiculously popular build-em-up Minecraft players can feed a parrot a chocolate cookie to tame them or make them mate. However, in the real world this is not the case.

It turns out that if you force feed a parrot a very large quantity of chocolate it acts as a poison and they will die (sad face). A brave young redditor named 1jl took it upon himself to alert the community that Parrots are in fact allergic to the brown stuff, fearing that children would try and go ahead and feed their parrots cookies.

Since posting on r/minecraft it has become the most upvoted post on there ever and Mojang has agreed to patch it out. It was fucking lazy anyway, chocolate cookies? Really? Just give them a bundle of seeds or something, no need to shoe horn something in on the cheap when you are the most popular game on Earth.

Tech site Motherboard reached out to parrot expert Marc Morrone about the issue who replied with:

“This is very funny! You millennials certainly do have too much time on your hands!”

“If a parrot ate a large amount of pure baker’s chocolate then the theobromine that it contains MAY hurt the bird if it ate a lot of it, however pure bakers chocolate is very bitter and few parrots would do much more than a taste. Milk chocolate has very little actual chocolate in it and it is mostly milk and sugar so if a bird ate that then it would not be an issue.”

Wether or not this would have caused children all over the world to almost kill their parrots we will never know, but I guess I am glad they changed it.

Bit of a nothing really, isn’t it?

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