Half Life 2 VR

Clever boys are porting Half Life 2 to VR

Half Life 2 is up there with the greatest games of all time. Critics might say “yes it was groundbreaking when it came out but not so much anymore,” don’t listen to them. They are wrong.

I remember when Half Life 2 was at the forefront of new technology, it was super advanced compared to the shit I was used to playing. Every time Half Life 2 had an update it was a literal jump in technology. Those were exciting times to be alive, updating Steam was a nightmare but you still loved it.

Some clever dicks are porting Half Life 2 to Oculus and Vive which I am sure you all have one if not both of. They are boasting a load of new features but actually in virtual reality the game is so good they could add nothing and it would still be the best. A 3D hud, some updated weapons, maps and lighting tweaks are all good stuff but actually the real news here is that this will work with Episode 1 and 2 and other Source games/mods. Good stuff.

The port is going through Steam Greenlight at the moment but once it is finished, all you will need is your super powerful PC, one of your many VR headsets and a copy of Half Life 2 and it’s Episodes.

Check out the trailer for this new port below.

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