FarCry 5 Rumoured: It’s Pistols at Dawn, and Rockstar drew first.

FarCry 5 rumoured to be a Spaghetti Western setting and due for release in September… Just a quick question: are Ubisoft offices located under a Rock(star)?

Before I get onto the reasons why this is a fucking awful idea, let’s look at the evidence behind why this is a pretty solid rumour:
  • The guiz over at Great Falls Tribute let us all know that a church down on the Montana prairie would be featured in a videogame due for release in September
  • RDR 2 springs to mind, right? Nah m88888s; Producer Jeff Guillot (who, by the way, is the sicc boi who made the live action trailer for Far Cry Primal) said it’s a sequel to an existing global franchise.. Still sounds like RDR? Remember lads: Rockstar have yet to do a live-action trailer; it doesn’t seem likely.
  • Mr Guillot says they used a drone to film “a man fighting with another man near a hanging bell as a train rolled by on the tracks a half-mile away” – Sounds pretty western to me.
  • Also (but this is a little vaguer) Ubisoft put out a survey asking fans where they might like to see the next Far Cry game set… One of the options was: “Spaghetti Western-style tale in late 19th Century America” – Yups. More evidence to support the above.

This would all mean, however, that the FarCry 3 remaster rumors probably aren’t true.

Why such a bad idea?

While I wouldn’t usually have an issue with another game in the Western genre (let’s face it there aren’t exactly hundreds) I’m not sure what Ubi’s plan here is when… Well y’know… Gaming giants Rockstar have a game in the same vein due out this year too… I’m lost for words so bear with me while I try to articulate this… Do they not remember how GTA-with-hacking went down vs. real GTA? It wasn’t exactly storming the market.

To put this into perspective; the last time I can remember such a poorly timed release was Battleborn vs. Overwatch… And, honestly, we all know what happened there.

In all honesty, unless they are super dumb and literally have no ideas what their competitors are doing… This can’t be true? I understand why “existing franchise” might suggest this one in particular, but maybe it isn’t FarCry after all… Maybe it’s a new Call of Juarez?

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