We play hardcore action game Fragments of Him on Xbox One

You like rockets, fast run speeds and twitch action gameplay? You’re going to love Fragments of Him, where we blow our opponents online in to literal Fragments (of Him).

Fragments of Him is a fast paced shoot-em-up (console) exclusively on Xbox One. Grab your rocket launcher and join the fray online with up to 16 players. With an instant replay function you can slowly replay your friends death nice and slowly before uploading to Facebook to show everyone that absolute fail!

Join Marc, Jack and Oli in this insanely high octane frag-fest as we jump online and start dominating matchmaking. Noisy reactions not only expected, but encouraged! We steal a car at oneĀ point and it makes the other players livid, who we relentlessly taunt via voice chat!

Don’t even worry about the video, if you like fragging fucc bois in onlineĀ battles then just pick this game up now!

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