Four Aesthetically pleasing games

Graphics can be a huge part of a video game, so when I come across a game with aesthetically pleasing graphics it makes me enjoy the game even more. Over the year’s game development and graphics have come so far, we are able to make video game characters look real which can be a little uncomfortable to some but for me, I find it fascinating.

This list however features games that are a bit more abstract than the photo realistic games you see pushing the PS4 Pro to it’s limit or being touted as the next big thing at E3, so without further ado; here is a compilation of recent games that I find aesthetically pleasing.


aesthetically pleasing games

When I first downloaded Flower I didn’t think I would like it, it looked like a kid’s game and I thought I would get really bored from playing it but I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it was a little harder than I thought it would be.

There are 6 different levels in the game Flower, each of these levels are represented by different single flowers in 6 different plant pots on a windowsill, once you select one of the flowers in the flower pot you’re transposed in the flowers dream. The aim of the game was to control the wind as it blows around each flower petal that you collect, to move the wind around you use the PS3 controller by tilting it. I really enjoyed the fact that you could use the PS3 controller in a different way to any other game on the system.

Flower was developed to play on the player’s emotions in a positive way rather than to be a challenging and fun game, I found the first few levels to be very relaxing until I got to the harder ones where I had to try and avoid lightning, I was rubbish at it! If you no longer have a PS3 and have never played Flower you can download it from the PSN store for the PS4.

aesthetically pleasing games


After playing Journey to death I decided to look around for any games that were similar to it, that’s when I came across Abzû. As soon as I saw the pictures for the game my mind went straight to memories of the game Ecco, I don’t know if anyone remembers it but it was about a dolphin called Ecco and me and my sisters played it to death on the Mega Drive. Abzû also takes place in the ocean but you play as a diver, you get to explore underwater environments which are filled with all sorts of plant and animal life.

I haven’t played Abzû yet but I’ve watched a few gameplay videos and the game is beautiful, there are a lot of similarities with Abzû and Journey such as the environments, a lot of the ruins look very similar. The graphics may be very simple which might put a few people off playing, but at the same time, they’re visually pleasing to me, the vast ocean full of beautiful sea life make me want to find out what hidden surprises will be in store for me.

No man’s sky

It’s no secret that No Man’s Sky ended up being a big flop, I personally enjoyed it but I do understand how a lot of people were upset that an unfinished game was released. The thing that I liked most about No Man’s Sky is how artistic it looks. No Man’s Sky is a first-person open world survival game, for many people the game didn’t live up to what it was advertised as and felt like it needed more within in the game to keep them interested. In the game, there are four main activities that you take on, these being; Survival, trading, combat and exploration.

I found myself exploring the planet more than anything, to be honest, but the planet I had landed on had a lot for me to see. The creatures on the planet were different to other space games I have played before (and yes there are some creatures and plants that resemble penises), fair enough if people want to hate on the story and gameplay but the beautifully rendered environments is something that is hard for anyone to hate.

The Little Fox

If you enjoy playing games on your phone then The Little Fox may be right up your street, this adorable game is about a fairytale focusing around a little fox within an alternative perspective of the world. The story behind it is a little weird, you have to set off on an adventure to find a missing prince because both him and his garden rose miss each other, whilst trying to get to him you must gather his tears (he is crying because he misses his garden rose) and use the tears to water the rose which you have with you, the tears help the poor rose survive.

The graphics are the most simplistic out of these 4 games, yet the shapes of the characters and the environment around the little fox make me smile and want to play more, even if I’m left annoyed at not being able to keep up. Each level you move on to is set in a different scene, it’s very fast paced and can leave you very frustrated so be warned, it’s available on both Android and IOS.

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  • These all definitely look aesthetically pleasing, great list! The Flower game sounds like it’d be very calming to play along with the graphics, I’ll have to give that one a try. Abzu is on my list of games I want to play, I see what you mean about Ecco too! It just looks like it’d be so relaxing to play and one you could take your time to explore everything whilst also being so bright and colourful 😀