Breath of the Wild DLC Pack One

Breath of the Wild DLC Pack One brings some okay stuff

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a hell of a game on it’s own so it isn’t so bad that the first DLC pack is a little underwhelming. You’re going to be playing it for weeks to come yet regardless.

Breath of the Wild DLC Pack One drops pretty soon and Nintendo have loosened their tight lips about what to expect. First up we have something called Hero’s Path which basically draws a line on the map showing your journey over the last 200 hours. This will be handy for those who want to find/see everything and a neat extra to everyone else. Maybe it should be included in the free update instead (more on that later).

Next we have Hard Mode, a new mode which is hard which sounds quite miserable. The enemies are all one level higher (blue Bokoblins are now red etc) and have regenerating health. There are also some weird octorock platforms floating around with enemies on. Cool.

Nintendo are also throwing in some new armour pieces inspired by other games in this series. You have to find them in game before you can use them, they don’t just appear on your person or anything. They are all at the bottom of this article for your perusal. One of these new armour pieces help you find those Korok dudes, there is 900 of the little fuckers on the map so this is helpful.

Lastly we have the Trial of the Sword, a new horde type mode where Link has to smash 45 rounds of baddies for a great reward. I actually dig these sort of modes so this sounds good.

If as advertised, DLC Pack One was always going to be weaker than DLC Pack Two. This is all content which is ok, it is inoffensive and I don’t feel like I am missing out without it, but I also wouldn’t mind having it. The most luke warm of reactions.

But wait there is more! Nintendo are also dropping an audio update which allows you to have a different spoken language to the one the in game text displays. Nine different language tracks can be obtained from the e-Shop pretty soon.

Anyway, here are the new armours, shout out to Tingle Link.

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