Tekken trailers teases modes, story and roster

Check out more of Namco‘s latest fight game before its release.

First up we have a gameplay and story mode trailer from Gamespot. Despite all the strange events that have occurred in the series seeing and controlling Lars shooting a gun seems exceptionally odd.

Are you ready for some huge Japanese text flying on the screen with an excitable announcer yelling over footage of new various Tekken modes. Then I think you’re ready for this trailer.

I’m not gonna lie my excitement for this game is at a fever pitch, and has been for some time. Seeing more of the story mode gives me high hopes. Please keep it cheesy and over the top that’s when Tekken story is at it’s best. The tournament mode has amazing potential not just for the higher end of players but for casual players as well. Imagine just grabbing some mates and finding out who really is the best once and for all. Sounds like some good ol’ salt inducing fun.

Tekken 7 is out on 2nd June on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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