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Free Resident Evil 7 DLC Not a Hero indefinitely delayed + new screenshots

Capcom have issued a humble apology video/update on the free Resident Evil 7 DLC chapter which was supposed to be due out in Spring this year.

You won’t be returning to the Baker house anytime soon as RE7’s Not a Hero DLC is currently delayed due to not meeting the quality expectations of the Producers and Directors of the game. They have released a bunch of new screenshots though (including a new HUD) which can be seen here.

While I’ve included the video below, the main parts of it are (in Japanese):

  • The main game’s (RE7) reception was overwhelmingly positive
  • They want to keep up the high quality of the main game over this DLC
  • They feel like a few months are needed to raise the quality
  • Capcom are also developing DLC Pack 3, separate to Not a Hero.
  • Please Understand.

The contents of either DLC’s are currently unknown but we are 99% sure (highlight to reveal spoiler) Chris Redfield will be playable in the free Not a Hero chapter.

As a purchaser of the Resident Evil 7 Season Pass (fuck sake) I feel sort of burned by this news, the two paid-for DLC packs which are currently out add up to less then the price of the season pass. While the DLC is free for everyone, it would have been enough to tide me over until the final paid-for pack is released, which I assume is Christmas time.

This bit of news will be taken a lot of different ways with a lot of different opinions on the matter. Personally, I’d rather Not a Hero was originally included in the game and the entire thing was delayed 6 months. I hate game content being dragged out over time and stuff being released piecemeal free or not, but others may not see it the same way.

Anyway check out the video below and put on the closed captions.

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