Platinum Games is potentially teasing Bayonetta 3, and I want to touch it.

The Podcast tells you everything you need to know about LLC attitudes towards Bayonetta. She is our Marmite: Gary and I love her, she makes Oliver want to rip is eyes out. But, Oliver’s opinions aside, I am practically vibrating with excitement at the prospect that another installment may be coming to the franchise. I’m not wrong to feel this way because, as the title suggests, Platinum Games are, maybe, teasing a Bayonetta 3.

Since the release of Bayonetta on Steam (with an immaculate port and impressively upscaled graphics – might I add) the dev. has been releasing developer diaries on the Sega YouTube channel to explore the origins of the original (and the best) game of the franchise… But the interesting videos are to be found on the Platinum channel, and these 5 videos include various scenes from the game… All looped 3 times.

Feels like a big ol’ tease, right?


Here are the five videos listed below, take a look, swoon a little, decide what you think they mean.

But this isn’t all Platinum have teased us lately, the Steam version of Bayonetta had a tiny update this week… And all that seemed to be added was this tiny little file in the “extras”:

Sam Gideon’s helmet from Vanquish….

So could this be the beginning of fan dreams coming true? A Vanqiush port for PC, and a Bayo 3 announcement soon to come??

Watch this space and we’ll let you know more as we do!

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