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Brawlout Steam release: Developer Interview

With yesterday being the Brawlout Steam release, we caught up with Bogdan from Angry Mob Games at EGX Rezzed to find out more about this new fighter.

Visually, Brawlout appears very similar to Super Smash Bros. How does your game differ?

It does look like Smash, but if you play it you will see differences in the gameplay. The way you play is faster paced and based more around combos and chaining moves together. You also have a combo breaker and a rage mode where you become stronger. We’ve balanced the game by having special moves that fill up the rage bar and others that use it up.

Brawlout features original characters – what was the inspiration for them?

The most important part for us was making them really distinct. They’re based on fighting game archetypes, but from there we tried to make them part of different cultures with something in common – so they’re all animals with unique backgrounds that are explored in the single player campaign. All the characters are designed to feel like you’re actually kicking and punching someone rather than just being simple animations.

Single player modes in fighting games are often an after-thought. How is Brawlout different?

The solo mode is about finding out what’s behind the characters. So it’s a single story that brings them all together, rather than a separate one for each character. We’ve been working with a really awesome writer and it’s going to be really good.

brawlout steam

Do you see Brawlout as the beginning of a new franchise?

We don’t think of it as a franchise, we think of it more as a service. We’re going to launch and then keep updating it with new characters and probably re-balance it to ensure it remains competitive.

What have Angry Mob Games worked on before Brawlout?

We worked on Alien vs. Predator before, people still play that but we wanted to make something more competitive. We looked at a game like For Honor but found it too hard to balance it with the moves we wanted, so we opted for a style more similar to Smash.

What sort of games do you like playing?

I like fighting games because they don’t require that much focus and you can get through them pretty quick. You don’t need to spend a lot of time learning the controls and the mechanics. I would choose something like Smash rather than a game where you need to spend a lot of time trying to understand complex controls.

What has the feedback for the game been like at EGX Rezzed?

The feedback has blown us away. People are going crazy about the game, so we’re really happy that we’ve made something fun.

brawlout steam

Is Brawlout going to be download only or is it getting a physical release?

It’s coming to retail.

When does Brawlout launch for PS4 and Xbox One and how will it differ from the Brawlout Steam release?

The PS4 and Xbox One versions will be coming in the summer because we have to get through certification. The story mode will also arrive at the same time. The Brawlout Steam launch has six playable characters and the console launch will feature nine characters.

Thanks Bogdan!

Brawlout is currently available on Steam and is coming soon to PS4 and Xbox One, you can check out our hands on preview here.  You can follow Angry Mob Games on Twitter and Facebook. Check out the latest news from Brawlout on the official website.

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