Bomberman R switch

Bomberman R (Switch) goes from average to must have in one free patch

Konami have come out of nowhere and revamped Switch exclusive Super Bomberman R, for free no less. All the annoying quibbles from the previous version are gone, it is still expensive as hell though.

Today Bomberman R went from version 1 to 1.3 and with that little 0.3 increment comes a lot of new stuff. Before we get on to the new actual content, lets have a gander at the patch notes:


  • Four new VS stages have been added to the shop (White Cross, Lagoon, Max Speed, Power Zone).
  • Two new series of accessories have been added to the shop (Crowns, Bombs).
  • The frame rate of the entire game has been improved. We also made slight adjustments and improved the controls as well.
  • Less lags are likelier to happen when every participant in the Online Battle have good network connection.
    (If you want to find opponents with good connection, set Other > Basic Settings > Network Settings to the very left.)
  • Made it possible to press L/R to change the inclination of he map in the Story Mode. Other > Basing Settings will also allow you to fix the camera position as well.
  • You can now choose the strength of the COM on the Multiplayer Battle Mode.
  • The strength of the Five Dastardly Bombers on the Story Mode have been adjusted.
  • The difficulties of Beginner and Normal have been reduced, making it easier to beat them.
  • Adjusted the heights and slopes on some maps to improve the visibility.
  • If you continue a certain number of times in the Story Mode, you will be able to continue without paying anymore gems.
  • Changed the BP (Battle Point) increase/decrease rate for the League Battle.
  • Fixed other various small bugs.

So the annoying difficult bosses among the relatively easy stages? Sorted. The weird camera angle for single player mode? Customisable. 30Fps? Now 60. Online lag? Less likely (the previous laggy control issue at launch has already been patched out). So that in itself would be enough to make the game much more appealing. But no! Konami hasn’t stopped there, they’ve also added some new content. Some free content!

Four new stages have been added to the in game shop for vs mode, two new sets of accessories for your little bomber boyz and 3 new characters (I can’t find any info if these are out now or out soon but they are free). It is absolute madness, the game must have sold a lot better than they (or we) thought it would. The three new characters are Pyramid Head from Silent Hill, Simon Belmont from Castlevania and Vic Viper (yes the ship) from Gradius. Nice one. Check out their character art below.



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