disney afternoon collection ps4

We put The Disney Afternoon Collection PS4 release through its paces

The Disney Afternoon Collection PS4 release was on Tuesday, we’ve got our hands on it and given it a right bloody seeing to. Well, we played it for abut 35 minutes and recorded some footage.

The Disney Afternoon Collection consists of 6 NES games. I wouldn’t call them remasters or remakes as apart from a few filter effects, a rewind function and a couple new modes which exist around the games, they are otherwise exactly as they were nearly 30 bloody years ago. This isn’t a bad thing though as almost all these games have aged wonderfully.

In the video below we go through all the original games (sorry sequels), some of the art gallery and screen filter stuff. A good overview of what is included in the collection. I also talk about the history of these Disney characters and their respective franchises with LLC Grandad Craig, as I wasn’t even born when they were popular and they unfortunately weren’t present in my childhood at all.

Please enjoy.

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