Overwatch Uprising impressions

Overwatch Uprising Impressions

Another event has dropped in Overwatch and rather excitingly this is for an ingame event not a real world holiday.

Named Overwatch Uprising it focuses on telling the story of an Omnic assault of London in the King’s Row map. The action takes us back in time to when Overwatch were in full effect. Set seven years in the past and twenty years after the victory over the Omnics relations between them and humanity were still tense at best. As such there were plans to build a home for Omnics in London to help both sides come together. However an extremist Omnic group named Null Sector had other plans and launched an attack. With that Tracer, Reinhardt, Torbjorn and Mercy slipped on their dashing blue uniforms and set out to defend England’s capital.


This all plays out as a four player pve mode. Firstly you capture and hold three points along the map, then deliver a payload to blow open a doorway where you must defeat four Orisa style bots. Along the way you will find a variety of mechanical foes. There are little dog sized bots that strip away the health of the payload, bombs that take away a fifth of the payloads health in one go, shielded larger robots and Null Sector Bastions.

It’s all very frantic even on the lowest difficulty and is sure to provide plenty of tense moments on all four difficulty levels. We found the first two challenging but doable with quirky characters but you have to be on point for the final two. Honestly the third was about our level so props to all of you that can finish the fourth. There are also two variations of this mode. One uses the standard four characters but the other allows you to pick your own. This is where the game mode really shines I feel as you can use the well balanced standard team to get your footing then go crazy with experimental character combos.

Overwatch uprising
Null Sector vs Overwatch

To be honest half the fun is going crazy and seeing which character combinations work for your group. In our experience Torbjorn and Bastion really rock putting out solid offense to thin the waves. Mercy is ideal as her ultimate allows for a full team resurrection though a good Zenyatta, which surprisingly enough for us was Tess, can work well using his Orb of Discord to help bring down the specials alongside healing duties. Finally, and unsurprisingly, Reinhardt and Orisa work fantastically as tanks both of which have shields to protect in addition to useful ultimates that allow decent screen clearing.

The most oddball but effective team for us was Symmetra, Soldier 76, Orisa and Bastion. Symmetra’s tiny turrets work well against the little fellas though enemy Bastion ultimates tend to wipe them away fast. Soldier 76’s heal is super useful alongside his solid dps. Then the added duo of Orisa and Bastion are a really solid pair with staying power and plenty of damage. That team was played on the second difficulty, and I’m not sure their shenanigans would have flown on the higher levels, but it was damn fun to play as them.

Overwatch Uprising
Shut up, these aren’t tears it’s just been raining on my face!

Obviously there are plenty of goodies in the form of skins, voice clips, icons and the like. Be sure to check out Tracer‘s dynamite Overwatch outfit and Genji‘s too edgy for you ninja Raiden cosplay. For lore nerds just make sure not to weep too much at Widowmaker‘s wedding photo spray.


It’s a really compelling mode that continues to show that Overwatch can shine in a pve as well as pvp environment. Not only should Blizzard leave both variations in permanently, like capture the flag, but they should give us more of this. This mode is highly recommend for all players of this game, hardcore or otherwise you will get a kick out of it. Not only is it a well crafted co op mode with varied objectives but it is a great change of pace for Blizz‘s shooter that also adds some wonderful backstory to the universe.

Overwatch Uprising is an event available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One until 1st May.

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