Tilt your screen away, this post is about a masturbation simulator called Pixelbator

Games have been simulating murder, violence, and car theft for years. I for one think more love needs to be shown in video-games. Pixelbator is planning to do just that; literally. It’s the gaming world’s first masturbation simulator (if you ignore Tomb Raider on PS One of course).

Pixelbator is a Steam Greenlight game from developers Balta Studios. The game takes place in 2005 and revolves around yourself trying to watch dirty videos without being caught by your disapproving family members. Not only does the user have to put up with this barrage of interruptions but they’ll also have to deal with the internet back in 2005. Pop-ups, ads, and spam will constantly interrupt the user. I’m glad those days of the internet are behind us right?

“Let Nan watch!”

Pixelbator looks surprisingly polished (no pun intended) and promises some robust features (no pun intended). The game will even have a family dog who enjoys to watch the player at difficult moments (which can be seen as a challenge or a reward depending on the type of person you are).

On top of that the team are adding in VR support so you can take this master-bating immersion experience one step further. The question of whether the player in-game can watch VR porn whilst you’re playing in VR mode is meta enough to make me want to lie down.

Check out the trailer below :-

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