While it sounds like a Russian bunker, PUTROYSOTLDAYOA is actually a game about packing up two boxes.

PUTROYSOTLDAYOA or Packing up the rest of your stuff on the last day at your old apartment is a simple game about doing exactly that. Featuring charming graphics and a simple hook the game is quite relaxing. You can achieve inner zen with this indie puzzler, well you would be able if you had more than one brain cell unlike our unfortunate boy Marc.

Being spurred on by known delinquents Oliver and Jack, Marc struggles to pack up the rest of his stuff on the last day at his old apartment. This is actually missing about 15 minutes of footage which I had to unfortunately live through IRL. A simple game of packing up the rest of your stuff on the last day at your old apartment became a test of attrition, who would back down first? Us or the game?

If you’d like to download the game and torture yourself you can do so here, otherwise check out our video below.

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