drawn to death gameplay

Drawn To Death – pointless as a blunt pencil

I thought I would have a look at the Drawn To Death gameplay – you may have seen the game featured amongst this month’s PS Plus offerings.

My interest in Drawn To Death was piqued as the art style of hand drawn characters and environments immediately reminded me of the (very good) Comix Zone on the Mega Drive.

How wrong I was.

drawn to death gameplay

This isn’t a review of Drawn To Death because, quite frankly, I wasn’t willing to continue playing past the tutorial. This was the gaming equivalent of walking out of a movie halfway through. Not because the game was bad (I’ve certainly played worse) but because it’s so painfully puerile and downright insulting.

Before I go into the negatives, I will give the Drawn To Death gameplay kudos for one (nay, its only) genuinely witty moment where it asks the player to shout “RELOAD” into the PS4 controller’s “microphone” when you run out of ammo. It’s a forehead slapping joke that works very well, particularly if you’ve played something like Tearaway and calibrated the controller’s many functions.

Aside from that though, this game is plain nasty. When you start, Drawn To Death strongly recommends players complete the tutorial level – not an unreasonable request whatsoever. But from the moment you do that, the game appears to invest most of its energy into deriding the player for daring to do exactly what it asked of them.

drawn to death gameplay

It’s even more objectionable when the script sneers whilst telling you to – for example – press X to jump, presuming that you haven’t already figured it out (as most people would) and tossing insults at you. Genuine shortcomings might give the game some justification to tease you – but the script isn’t reacting to what you do. Instead Drawn To Death treats everyone as though they’re an idiot and makes no allowances for skill or logic.

Furthermore, where Comix Zone looked like you were playing through a graphic novel, Drawn To Death is plain ugly. The characters are void of charm and the designs at best have a ‘will this do’ look about them. It’s at least consistent with the unimaginative approach taken to the rest of the game.

drawn to death gameplay

The fact that Drawn To Death is featured on PS Plus just adds insult to injury. Far from ‘taking gaming to the next level’, the gameplay is about as reductive as could be. It’s an empty shell of spite that treats its players with sheer contempt.

It’s almost as if the developers completely resented ever having to make a video game in the first place.

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