Oh Shit, the new Everybody’s Golf game looks like a turd

I love Everybody’s Golf, I’ve only played the PS3 version, PS Vita version and then the remaster but what I played I loved. I’ve been waiting for this sucker for 6 long years and my god, does it look like a fuckin’ turd.

Today former great Golf game makers ClapHanz released a launch trailer for the new Everybody’s Golf game. I think this is Everybody’s Golf 6, but has taken on the beloved “New” moniker instead and is now known as New Everybody’s Golf. The trailer is below for your pleasure, you get a stroke if you mute the trailer, pause it, rake your eyes out or start crying uncontrollably. The par is 3, good luck.

So the trailer features all my favourite golfing activities like fishing or swimming and of course you can’t forget racing. The super expressive and detailed characters from previous iterations have been replaced with character models from the PS One version. The music is some shite, honestly I can’t even bring myself to look up who it is. How has this taken 6 years to come out again?

The approximately 4 golf shots we see in the trailer look good but honestly if it is surrounded by all this crap I am out, don’t even get me started on potential DLC scalping.

The visuals have also had a hell of a downgrade since the last generation (somehow), even the skybox looks like crap!

You can see the severity of the downgrade with this shot below being from the PS3 version (actual gameplay) and the one below that being from the “New” PS4 version.

Honestly, an absolute crock of shit. Do yourself a favour and get the PS3 version (or the PSV remaster off the store) if you want to play some arcade golf. If you hate yourself, New Everybody’s Golf is coming out in Japan on the 31st of August.

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