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Sonic Forces – who is the new ally?

Sega has dropped a tantalising new teaser about Sonic Forces, revealing “a new ally will rise up” during yesterday’s Nintendo Direct.

Since its first trailer, Sonic Forces has made no secret of the fact that modern Sonic and classic Sonic would be reuniting. Last month further information hinted that alongside the modern and classic gameplay, an additional third style would feature. The latest trailer for the game during yesterday’s Nintendo Direct teased that alongside Sonic(s), a new ally will join the fray – complete with a silhouetted glimpse of the character.

sonic forces

It took Sega a while, but they finally appear to have realised that Sonic fans care not about his extended menagerie of furry friends. So are they about to add yet another prime candidate for the slaughterhouse, or could this ally be a returning face from the past? Let’s look at the candidates:


sonic forces

Sonic‘s 25th anniversary was technically last year, but 2017 marks the same anniversary of Sonic and Tails‘ first adventure together. More recently Tails has adopted the role of the inventor sidekick, but maybe Sonic Forces will see the Miles Prower finally rediscover his mojo.

‘Boom’ Sonic

sonic forces

Sonic Boom marked the biggest image change for Sonic since he transitioned into 3D and he would certainly add a different style of gameplay. The latest iteration also appeared alongside classic and modern Sonic on some of the 25th anniversary merchandise. But the accompanying games were poorly received and amongst the series’ lowest sellers, which probably isn’t something Sega plans on celebrating.

Nack The Weasel

sonic forcesThis one is a bit left field. but Nack The Weasel (also known as Fang The Sniper) appeared in 1994’s Sonic Triple Trouble on the Game Gear – hardly notable amongst the many rodents littering the Sonic universe. Yet references to him have popped up in a few recent games, including the forthcoming Sonic Mania. Maybe it’s just evidence of Christian Whitehead‘s dedication to the series – or maybe it’s planting the seeds for Nack‘s return.

sonic forces

Bubsy Bobcat

sonic forces


Bubsy Bobcat appeared in the early ’90s starring in a series of games (and indeed a TV show) heavily influenced by Sonic The Hedgehog and Super Mario. He wasn’t owned by Sega and has absolutely no link with Sonic bar the gameplay similarities. But with the likes of Rayman and Crash Bandicoot making comebacks, plus the recent release of Yooka Laylee, retro revival is in full swing. And you have to admit, that silhouette looks mighty familiar…

Big The Cat

sonic forces


More information about Sonic Forces is bound to be revealed in the months leading up to its release on PS4, Xbox One and Switch. Meanwhile, Sonic Mania will release this summer for all three consoles – and you can check out what we thought of it here. As for Sonic‘s mysterious new ally, let us know what you think on Twitter.

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