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NES Mini officially discontinued

Give up waiting for more NES Mini stock – Nintendo‘s insanely popular retro console has been discontinued. Rumours have been abound for some time now, but Nintendo has finally confirmed that the NES Mini has been discontinued. One final shipment of NES Mini stock will be heading to North America and then that is it for 2017.

nes mini stock

True to form for Nintendo, just when you think they’ve finally got their act together with the excellent launch of the Switch, they make a decision that is utterly baffling. Demand for NES Mini stock has been high since launch, probably more than Nintendo (or indeed anyone else) expected. Yet since then, it’s been evident that little to no attempt has been made to meet that demand.

Of course, the launch of the Switch was always going to take priority but even so, Nintendo has been under pressure from its investors to deliver profit (hence the premature launch of the Switch in the last financial year). So why ignore such an easy revenue stream? After all, eBay‘s NES Mini stock is currently going for around £200 – four times the RRP of the product.

One possibility is that the NES Mini counteracts one of the Nintendo‘s benefits for the forthcoming Switch online service, where subscribers will receive a free monthly NES or SNES game, with the option to pay and keep it at the end of the month. In the long-term, that’s likely to appear a much more profitable approach to Nintendo – although the jury is out on how many more times people will pay to own the same games over and over again.

nes mini stock

Personally, I didn’t really buy the NES Mini for the games. I bought it because it’s a really neat bit of retro merchandise that has been manufactured to the quality you would expect from Nintendo. It seems a shame that the company has now moved to stop others being able to own something that for many gamers will be a nostalgic keepsake of their first console.

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