twitch irl channel

Twitch IRL isn’t even a game but we tried to play it

Those LLC  b o y e s  are at it again, making videos on/for the internet. This time things get weird with the Twitch IRL channel.

For the uninitiated; Twitch IRL is a streaming channel that allows people to stream their mundane lives. Some people jazz their lives up (but honestly this just how they are all the time so random lol) and others literally just do the washing up. Jack, who thought Twitch IRL was a game, Marc and Oliver try to escape their own existence by laughing at someone else’s in this heavily edited version of events.

You wouldn’t believe the stuff we cut out! A guy was cooking a burger and mumbling for about 10 minutes, absolute nutter! Couldn’t show that on Youtube, we would be disbarred quicker then an anti-semite. Anyway check out the video if you dare, it’s a bit of a laugh.