LLC Podcast Soundbite: EGX Rezzed

An episode that was supposed to be a quick one but ended up as almost an hour! We talk over EGX Rezzed and the other events around the show.

As part of our EGX Rezzed coverage we have decided to record a little podcast about what went down over the weekend. Despite having a tonne of interviews to write up and a tonne of previews to write, we figured the best use of our time was to record a podcast.

We went through every game we saw and even named our games of the show, we don’t really have an official award or anything but Deadbeat Heroes (Oliver) and Pocket Rumble (Craig) were our picks! Woohoo.

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Time Stamps

01:30 – Augmented Empire

03:50 – Pocket Rumble

07:30 – De Mambo

11:30 – Brawlout

15:00 – Snake Pass

19:50 – Dead End Job

24:00 – Dad quest

26:40 – Deadbeat Heroes

30:30 – Sonic Mania

35:45 – Serial Cleaner

37:45 – Retro Game Market

38:00 – Forerunner (Book)

39:00 – Craig’s insane purchases

44:20 – Street Fighter II took over the entire weekend

47:00 – EGX After Parties

50:00 – Game of the show

– Deadbeat Heroes

– Pocket Rumble

– Figment (honorable mention)

52:00 – Holy Potatoes in Space

54:38 – Line Wobbler

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