de mambo

De Mambo – hands on preview

We had the chance to get hands-on with De Mambo at EGX Rezzed last weekend, the first game from developers The Dangerous Kitchen.

De Mambo was recently snapped up by Nintendo and should release for the Switch this summer, with PS4 and Steam versions due to follow. You can read our interview with The Dangerous Kitchen and their incredible development journey here.

Put simply, De Mambo is one of those games that doesn’t really make sense until you pick up and play it (something that the developers acknowledged during the demo). Thankfully, it all clicks into place very quickly once you get started.

Probably the best way to describe it is a single button Super Smash Bros. You play as a coloured circular blob and use the d-pad to jump or ground pound and an attack button to pull off three different moves by tapping (Poke!), medium release (Spin!) or long release (Fire!). All the while the destructible environments lead to a constantly changing field of play.

In a neat twist, should you lose all of your lives you’ll join the Loser Rail, which runs around the edge of the screen. If one of the active players ventures near to you, you can eat them and return to battle with an extra life. As someone who is not particularly good at fighting games, being able to remain involved in the battle is an appealing mechanic.

Although we didn’t get a look at it during EGX Rezzed, De Mambo also promises an extensive single player campaign with some huge boss fights, which is a welcome addition for those times when you don’t have anyone to play the frantic local co-op mode with.

De Mambo’s development journey to the Switch and The Dangerous Kitchen’s humble appreciation of the opportunity was one of my EGX Rezzed highlights. Hopefully a playable Switch demo will arrive when the game launches because it’s really the only way De Mambo makes sense.

If you’ve not got an extra set of Joy-Cons (or three friends to play the game with), now is the time to get preparing ready for De Mambo’s launch this summer.

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