Deadbeat Heroes Game

Deadbeat Heroes – Hands on preview

Deadbeat Heroes is a stylish new brawler from a couple (just two!) of ex-Lionhead developers. Set in 1970’s London, the game has a tonne of style and fast paced gameplay you won’t find anywhere else.

Back in the 90’s and early 00’s brawlers were all the (Streets of) rage but not so much anymore. Recently brawlers take two forms, an ironically retro throwback on Steam Greenlight or a Dynasty Warriors 1 vs 100 affair. Deadbeat Heroes is neither, a co-operative brawler with a focus on combos and fast paced battling.

The gameplay is quite straightforward to start, you move from area to area and send bad guys flying with your powered up gauntlet. Bouncing an enemy in to the air then hitting them again before they hit the floor builds your combo and your score. Some enemies can only be hit from certain angles or bounced off the floor. At the surface level it is quite simple.

Deadbeat Heroes Game

The game really ramped up for me when at the end of the stage me and my co-op partners Craig scores were compared head-to-head. I did horribly as I was just dashing around the stage smacking the enemies without much thought. But the key to it is to keep your combo going and not get hit, allowing you to transform in to a more powered up version of yourself and deliver a hard hitting special move (a bit like Power Stone). If you can continuously do this loop you will be looking at higher scores and bragging rights.

The three demo levels were quite short but are packed with character. The colours really pop off screen and the animations are very snappy, it’s really easy to see what is going on as well thanks to clean character models amongst all the action. The enemies took the form of the stereotypical black and white stripe topped criminals and there were special zoomed in cinematic shots of more formidable foes.

There is not a whole lot else to say about the game, bar the three short levels we saw there does not seem to be anything else, videos or otherwise about what else you get up to in Deadbeat Heroes. This sounds a bit negative but it isn’t I really enjoyed my time with the game but the developers are keeping their hand close to their chest.

I was very interested in this game by Upstream Arcade (published by Square Enix) until the demo rep told me that it was only coming to Xbox One and PC, as the devs were exLionhead and have a close relationship with Microsoft. Oh well, I am still crossing my fingers for this and Cup Head coming to PS4.

Deadbeat Heroes has no official release date yet, but you can find some info on it over at

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