Home Improvement on SNES

Listen to us grunt continuously for 10:52 with Home Improvement on SNES

This video of us playing Home Improvement on SNES is making Tim Allen spin in his grave!* He can’t stand Tim Allen Grunt® impressions, especially when they are as good as these.

It is Wednesday which means it is time for another LLC video to go up unfortunately, this week it is Home Improvement on the SNES. The game doesn’t seem to follow the format of the Home Improvement TV show at all (which personally I think would make a great game) and instead sees Tim Taylor running around picking up power tool parts from dinosaurs… The TV show ran to 204 episodes, you’d think they’d be able to gamify one of them? Oh well.

Jack, Marc (pilot) and Oliver grunt their way through the first 10 minutes of the game collecting tool crates, jumping over gaps and shooting baddies like the pieces of shit they are. Please understand.

*Tim Allen is not dead.

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