Antegods Crowdfunding enters its final 48 hours

Antegods is a game I wrote about way back in September of last year, you can see what I said at the time here. But what I have failed to mention in the subsequent months is that they’ve opened their doors to Crowdfunding to help get the project finished.

All the information on what this game essentially is can be found in my last run-down but for all of you who don’t wanna trawl through old articles, here is a brief summary:

Two teams of five Mayan-esque pilots battle upwards, downwards, sideways, and through blocks to collect the abundant ‘silk’ resource and use this to power up totem statues (effectively turrets) in a 2D universe. The same resource is required to power up huge Titans which are incredibly powerful tools used for ultimate destruction. These can even be piloted by two; one operating its weapons and the other directing it around the map. The goal? Be the first team to defeat the enemy’s Titan. But: Don’t assume once you’re in your Titan you’re good, it can still be taken down.

Their goal is a fairly reasonable $70,000 with them currently sitting at just over half-way with a pledged $40,000. This game has been in the making for over a year now, with just a core team of three at the helm and what they have achieved so far is incredible. Hopefully if funded we should see it released within the next 12 months.

But why else should you back this?

First things first: Who doesn’t love a competitive multiplayer game? I mean, if you don’t then get the hell out of my article and go and read this about NieR. But I’m serious here, there is nothing like this on the market, not really. Especially not with the same incredible aesthetics, lore, and ridiculously kick-ass character designs.

It sounds pretty simple? That’s because yeh, the controls are simple. You zip around the screen as the character of your choice, shooting everything that dares cross your path… But don’t be fooled by its simplicity. There is no telling who is going to win until the last moment (unless you get trounced) and this game very much falls under the “easy to play, difficult to master” category.

I can’t say much more that the team at Codeglue can’t show you over on their Fig page: Hit this link, check it out, and back it. Get those exclusive Fig backer goodies while they’re hot!

The announcement trailer is below!

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