Jak & Daxter PS4

Jak & Daxter coming to PS4 via PS2 Classic Re-release.

The already brilliant PS2 Classics initiative has a couple of sick new guys joining the ranks: Jak & Daxter. This means you will soon be able to play the four Naughty Dog titles on your beloved PS4.

While the original trilogy has already been “re-mastered” for it’s PS3 re-release, it’s important to note that this latest resurgence will not be the same remasters ported to PS4, rather they really will be the PS2 versions slightly up-scaled and taking full advantage of the PS2 emulation technology that Sony already employ for the other games in their classics collection.

If you haven’t played this platformer you need to get your finger out, especially with them soon being more accessible than ever. In a classic me move, I’ve looked up the reception of this game and the overall feelings towards it: The Precursor Legacy scores at a 91, while the collection brings it down, but stays solidly at 81 on Metacritic.

The cherry on top of this already delicious cake is that Jak X: Combat Racing will also be joining the collection. While perhaps a little sloppy on the controls, this game is super fun, unlike the reject of the franchise: Lost Frontier, which, frankly, ought to be written out of history.

The current line up of PS2 Classics is sitting strong at 58 games and includes Destroy All Humans!, Red Dead Revolver and Bully, to name but a few.

Personally, I can’t wait to see what they add next!

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