Final Fantasy XV March Update

Final Fantasy XV March Update + DLC is out today

The much maligned Chapter 13 gets a do-over along with the first paid for DLC Episode Gladiolus hits the digital storefronts today. Goes without saying but SPOILERS ahead.

Final Fantasy XV’s 13th Chapter was met with some pretty severe criticism (final spoiler warning). Stripping Noctis of his weapons and his boys, you had to fight through corridor after corridor of Magitek robot soldiers using stealth and a special ring. The ring had a few abilities and could be used as a flash grenade or to suck the life out of enemies but people went online to bitch about it. Personally, by the time it started to drag it was over, but I’m the kind of guy who rushes to the end of things rather than spends loads of time exploring side rooms and what not.

If you were a Chapter 13 hater you are in luck as you now have Chapter 13 Verse 2 (lol Square) as an option instead. Playing as Gladiolus and defending blind Ignis you have a 20 minute long section with some new dialogue and cutscenes before reuniting with Noctis. This is also a good chance to try out Gladio’s playstyle before buying the reasonably priced £5 DLC chapter starring him. You don’t have to complete the whole game again, Chapter 13 Verse 2 is available from the start menu.

The power of Noct’s magic ring has also been patched, making it a lot more powerful and dispatching of enemies much faster. In the trailer below you see Noctis briefly using the spell on the over powered (and oversized) Adamantoise foe, so it has certainly had quite the boost. You can also climb much higher in the world, photo contest winners appear on in game TV screens and a bunch of other stuff. For all your frame rate heads though, nothing has changed.

There is a teaser trailer out for the next episode as well, which will be released in June this year.

Check out the video to see what Square has added to the ever expanding FFXV experience.

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