Video: LLC crApps: The worst iOS games Episode 4

The worst iOS games: over 1,000 apps are released every day for the App Store. Invariably the quality varies hugely and for every Angry Birds there are hundreds of crApps.

Spring has (almost) sprung and in celebration of that, crApps Episode 4 is a pregnancy special. Yes, the joy of childbirth is an extremely popular topic for mobile gaming so Oliver and Craig are sharing in the experience – not literally, just to clarify!

This week we play Draculaura Pregnant – Beautiful Pregnant Mommy/Cute Newborn Baby, Pregnant Mom Washing Dishes girls games and Girl Superhero and the New Born Baby for your enjoyment.

Join us as we help Draculaura through her pregnancy check-up, get ordered around by Pregnant Mom and her friend Suizen during a dinner party and help Girl Superhero through her birth whilst a slew of pop-up ads gatecrash the event.

They say motherhood is the greatest gift of all, but whoever said that clearly hasn’t played these games.

All the featured apps are available for free on iOS and/or Android just in case you want to check that we’re not making this up.

Previous episodes are available on our YouTube channel.

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