Horizon Zero Dawn DLC

Horizon Zero Dawn DLC on the way, devs working on story content

The open world tech-dino hunter sold well enough to warrant time and money spent making DLC. The trend of Season Passes and DLC roadmaps before launch has been bucked with the announcement of Horizon Zero Dawn DLC.

Horizon Zero Dawn has sold an impressive 2.6 million copies since launch (digital + retail) and Sony are calling it the ” Biggest first party new IP launch on the PS4 system.” I don’t know what other first party new IP launches there has been on the PS4, but it is impressive none the less (Knack?). Anyway, as the game as sold so well and everyone is loving it so much, Guerrilla Games has said it is “hard at work on an expansion to the story.” which is good news all round.

HZD does not have a Season Pass and did not have crazy DLC that was already detailed before the game even released, yet it has and will continue to sell well and make loads of money for Sony. DLC is supposed to be additional content, not stuff that has been cut from the game and sold piecemeal. I don’t think this practice happens so much anymore as it is expected for devs to be well in to DLC production (that could easily be finished before launch) while the main game is in development, which is also pretty lame.

So well done Guerrilla Games, you have made and sold a game that is complete, has a small day one patch (250mb!), didn’t have piss take DLC and pre-order bonuses and doesn’t have a Season Pass where customers can buy unseen DLC. Not only all that, but it is also fantastic, so it can be done.

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