tekken 7 post release

Tekken 7 post release dlc

Of course we need to know what’s on the way with more than two months until launch.

In this case the picture really tells the story.

tekken 7 post

Though it is big news as there has never been any dlc characters added to a Tekken game before. It should also be noted that it says Guest character 1 and 2 so it’s not going to be one of the many fan favourites from Tekken‘s past but a new entrant to the series.

Naturally this gets the mind racing on who the two could possibly be. We already have Street Fighter‘s own Akuma, so potentially it could be another character from the famous Capcom franchise. Though please don’t be another shoto we don’t want Akuma, Ryu and Ken all showing up.

The next place to look could be within Bandai Namco‘s other titles. Could it be a character from fellow fighting game series Soul Calibur repaying the favour for Heihachi‘s cameo in Soul Calibur 2 perhaps? Or the wackier idea of someone from Dark Souls or Naruto popping in.

Who knows, but rest assured that as soon as we do it’ll be up on this site.

In the mean time just check out the rad story trailer for the game.

Finally if you are a wrestling geek, like myself, remember there are some slick New Japan Pro Wrestling threads also on the way for the game. Damn right Okada King looks awesome and those Bullet Club shirts are just too sweet!

The game is currently scheduled for release on 2nd June 2017 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Any guesses or dream candidates, then let us know on the LastLifeClub facebook or on twitter @LastLifeclub

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